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Taking Care of Your Broodmares, Yearlings, Turnouts, and Weanlings

At Walnridge Farm in Cream Ridge, New Jersey, we have the expertise and knowledge to take care of your horses. Have peace of mind knowing that your broodmares and stallions are in safe hands at our facility.

Schedule of Rates

Rates current as of March 1, 2022


$30 per day
• Maiden Broodmares under lights have a $90 monthly charge plus $30 a day

Nursing Foals | $8 per day

Weanlings & Yearlings | $25 per day

Sales Prep
| $55 per day

Weanlings | $40 per day
Mares | $35 per day

Non-Standardbred Broodmares $40 per day/Foals $8 per day

Turnout Horses | $35 per day

Routine Foaling Charges & Post Natal Care | $650

Mares Sent to Walnridge for Foaling Only (No Breeding Management)
$40 per day mare
$8 per day foal
$650 foaling charge

Please note that a negative Coggins test and vaccinations must accompany the horse or they will be given within 48 hours of arrival at the owner's expense. Charges for board and veterinary services are billed monthly and are payable within 30 days. 24 hours of notice is required for arrival or departure of horses. No horses will be shipped on Sundays or holidays.